Firstly, as always, we would like to thank Leinster Taverners for hosting the game on a gorgeous Friday evening in the paradise of the Leinster Cricket Club in Rathmines.   The format of the game was 15 overs of 8 balls. 

It had been 21 months since the Walnuts donned the whites, and it was great to be back, though lets be fair the time out of the game showed for a great many of us.  

Walnuts were put into bat and Mike and Damian stood up to face the cork on a lovely mat and to be fair plugged away quite contentedly, Mike getting 9 before being bowled to an unplayable delivery, and Damian hitting 16 before getting caught to a "bouncer".   The going was slow unfortunately and this showed in the final score however there were valiant efforts from debutant Colin (12), Philip (18) , Frank retiring on his 20 and a fabulous cameo from Brian (19 of 7 balls with 4 boundaries.)  Final scoring for the Walnuts inning was 110.

If there was ever an area where rustiness was going to be punished though it was in the field - and the 21 months out of the game really showed here.   The Leinster taverners made very light work of the bowling, though there were 1 or 2 glimpses of potential here - Brian getting the only wicket, with Mike taking the stumping with some quick work, and Patrick only giving up 5 runs in his 8 balls,  however all in all we were thoroughly outplayed.   There were also a lot of tired legs out in the field - and this was evident with a good few limping during and after the game.  

All in all though it was great to be back - and roll on the Slammers in our opening home game on Friday.  

Walnuts Routed in Rathmines

Leinster Tavereners @ Rathmines June 11th 2021