Firstly, as always, we would like to thank the Dalkey Archives for a great game of cricket on a close Friday evening at Terenure College.   The format of the game was 20 overs of 6 balls. 

In a game of 2 halves, Dalkey batted first - and the Walnuts stood up exceptionally against a much better side.   The Walnut bowlers only gave up 3 boundaries in the game with outstanding fielding in the deep and close in, with a couple of fabulous highlights.   The first was a fantastic caught and bowled by Liam (the ball just about reached, and it was scooped up from his shoelaces), and the second was another fabulous catch from Mr. Nonchalent, Sean McGinn, (plucking the ball out of the air from the bowling of Cyril, who took 2 wickets in his over) and casually tossing it back.

The wickets started early with Colin bowling out the opener on just 3, and continued with Liam's C&B, and Eddie taking 2.  Damian took one late on, and the score was a credible 90 for 9 at the end, and we thought this time it might be a low enough target against a very strong Dalkey side.

It wasn't to be though - as Dalkey bowled magnificently from 1 to 10, and the Walnuts just couldn't get going.   Damian top scored on 17, with Brian the only other player to get double figures (16).   A few silly run outs didn't help the cause, lets call a spade a spade - there was a few bad judgement calls out there on Friday evening.   Frank hit the last run of the game and the final tally was 69.  

Andrew and Frank put on a fabuolous spread that evening, which bouyed the spirits, and Eddie got Brian's call for MOTM (second week in a row), and Damian got the Dalkey captains nod. 

Roll on Druids Glen next Friday where we play Greystones for the first time.

Dalkey Archives @ Terenure College July 9th 2021

Whipped under the Walnut Tree