Trip to The Hague 2018

A group consisting of the bare bones of a team. 11 stalwarts in all took to the skys for the Nederlands to play 2 teams that are situated around the Hague. We were to be bolstered by our esteemed teammate Paddy Bolger who was flying in from exotic places but his flight was delayed in the far east and arrived as we made our way back to the hotel from our last game. He did not miss much!! Our losing streak continues unabated. Our first match was against the aptly named Zamigos CC. at Groengeel grounds. A great partnership between Capel and Ottoman 44 and 49 respectively did us in! Chasing 205 was never going to happen. We struggled to reach 89. We let ourselves down badly and promised we would do better next match…..!! The Zamigos are a nice bunch of lads and take the spirit of the game in the right manner. Our second match was against Groendaal CC and we played this match on a mat in the centre of an all-weather soccer pitch. We could have and should have done so much better but whether it was the bracing sea air in Scheveningen or the bracing air in Amsterdam we fell far short again. Our top scorer was Henry on a lowly 15. That about sums up our effort. Thanks to Wim and the guys in Groendaal cc and the Zamigos cc for hosting us.

The crew who made this trip were: Henry, Ciaran, Philip, Trevor, Sean, Tom Markham, Mark, Damian, Cyril, Pat, Joe and of course Paddy.

Walnuts  Away Tour to The Nederlands 22/06/2018 and 24/06/2018 Venue The Hague

Well. What can I say.....!!! Thanks to both our Hosts The Zamigos and Groenendaal CC for having us over but unfortunately we did not do ourselves justice our any favours! We played very poorly overall with just a few exceptions. We were a weakened side travelling and so  rightly got played off the pitch. A pity but there will be better days and Tours ahead.