Knights reclaim the Vintage Plate

Firstly we would like to thank Arthurs Knights for a fabulous game of cricket in glorious sunshine in Terenure.   The format of the game was 22 overs of 6 balls.   A huge thank you to Philip for cutting the fantastic track.    It was a joy to play on.

The Walnuts fielded first, and started well, keeping the Knights at bay.    Wickets were aplenty as well (something the Walnuts had failed to do much of in their opening 2 games.)   Damian, Andrew, Eddie, and Sean getting one apiece, and some fantastic bowling from Cyril grabbing him a brace, (as it stands the Walnuts leading wicket taker for the season).   Tom Donoghue deserves a special mention and was outstanding in the field, firstly behind the stumps and then taking 2 magnificent catches in the outfield later in the game.   Colin was extremely unlucky with 2 balls on the trot hammered back to him of his own bowling which he did well to parry.   There were a few downsides to the game, with some mistakes (not many) in the field, and a few dropped catches, but all in all a highly enjoyable and spirited 22 overs in the field for the Walnuts.    The Knights batted very well, especially towards the end of the innings, but a score of 118 we thought was acheiveable.

The Walnut Batters started slow and steady with Junior and the captain opening the batting.   Some lovely strokes, and some great cricket shots had us hopeful of a win.   The Knights though bowled superbly all the way through, and runs were at a premium and when Peadar fell to a good catch, it started a bit of a stumble with 3 more wickets falling in quick succession.   The Walnuts got back into the game with Josh and Tom D battling hard with both getting their 20s, but alas it wasn't to be enough.  A great battle against old friends ended with the Knights running up deserved winners by 11 runs.  

It has been mentioned in our social messaging service, and something that has been remiss in these reports, that the unsung heroes of the game are the Umpires and the Scorers.   A huge thank you to all the hard work involved for everyone behind the scenes, and in the shadows.

We would also like to thank Andrew for the fantastic spread for the afters.

The awards on the night for the Walnuts.  Tom Donoghue (superb in the field and with the bat) got the POTM from Brian, the Walnuts captain, and Cyril deservedly got the nod from Frank, the Knights captain.

Arthur's Knights @ Terenure College May 28th 2022