Slammers @ Terenure College June 18th 2021

Walnuts are back at home at last.

Firstly, as always, we would like to thank the Slammers for a fabulous game of cricket on a lovely Friday evening at Terenure College.   The format of the game was 20 overs of 6 balls. 

Oh it is great to be home - way too long since we have played a game at Terenure College.   After the struggles of last week against Leinster it was a rejuvenated team that stood against the Slammers on what was the inaugural game against the sides, though there was a number of familiar and friendly faces in the opposition.   Everyone from both sides was up for the game, and so battle commenced.

Walnuts batted first - and it was not long before the 2 openers took the game to the Slammers, with Mike and Patrick both hitting fabulous maximums.  Damian, batting third, did not fare so well and was soon dispatched by a gorgeous caught and bowled (diving down and to the his right Mr Millman plucked the ball out of the air in what was a sight that would have graced many a hallowed turf).  This was a temporary blip on what was to be a resounding batting display - with Sean Mc and Tom D also getting their maximums.   The Walnuts got 120 on what was descibed beautifully as the predictably unpredictable Terenure wicket and so the scene was set.

With the ball the Walnuts hammered home the advantage with early spells from Mike (which included a maiden) and Tom M, followed by Tom D and Eddie - the runs were at a premium and the bowlers were feeling miserly.   One dropped catch during this spell from what for all intents and purposes was a pop up, badly misjudged, was again the only blip on an otherwise masterclass.  Eddie took the first wicket bowling the opener out, with Damian taking the second from a gorgeous shoelace catch from Philip, and Sean took the third again knocking over the bails.   However it was the 4th wicket that provided the Man of the Match moment for the Walnuts when the newcomer Colin took a beautiful catch of his own bowling, to put the icing on the cake.  The Slammers were restricted to 78 and the Walnuts recorded their first win of 2021.  (Record is now 1-1.)

Roll on Arthurs Knights next Friday where the battle for the Vintage Plate will recommence.