Dalkey Match Poem:

On a murky evening the Walnuts came to play

The Dalkey Archives, and both teams made hay

Bowling first the Walnuts swung and spun

As Dalkey scored just over a tonne

Liam, Philip,Brian, Eddie and Damian deserve a tip of the hat

As the Walnuts fielded with the determination of a Transylvanian bat*

Damian found a thick outside nick

Sean took a great catch - but his finger a slight prick

Garret took a fearless blow, ball to the chest

He was in some pain, he later confessed

Peadar's keeping was as sharp as an axe

He flung himself about - most definitely not lax

Ian fielded with the agility of a gazelle

Diving, stopping, determined  - he never once fell

With bat in hand the Walnuts kept in touch

Liam, Gerry and Colin's batting was quite lush**

Brian kept the score ticking along

While Liam smashed the ball as cool as Bob Marley with a bong

Gerry played a pivotal knock

Everyone was impressed on the mean streets of Blackrock

So in the end Colin and Eddie got over the line

And we all headed for some Pimms, just in time

Parma ham was eaten, red wine was sipped

As we reflected on a win that we just pipped

Next door the Rock old boys met up for the night

The tapered chinos were worn - Christ what a sight

Many thanks to Dalkey, a wonderful host

Charming, engaging, respectful - I will raise a toast

We all struck off into the Blackrock night sky

Ross O'Carroll Kelly would be proud - although cycling home I never did up my fly

Some people looked, some people gaped

And when I got home my fly was taped

In I went, wine in hand

I drank it all to get through Tubridy's second to last stand

Fare thee well, onwards to the Knights

Will we regain the plate? I hope we might

On a cloudy, somewhat leaden evening the Walnut Taverners travelled to the illustrious surroundings of Blackpool College to take on our most hospitable hosts, the Dalkey Archives.

History was somewhat being made by both teams as it was the first Taverners cricket encounter on the school grounds once graced by Brian O'Driscoll, Paul Costello, Eamon De Valera and of course Ross O'Carroll Kelly.

Batting first Dalkey got off to a solid start. Excellent middle innings bowling saw Damian seam one away finding the outside edge while Gerry bowled a straight one that hit the middle stump. Sean took an early contender for catch of the season at mid wicket as he instinctively clutched the ball out of the Friday night Blackrock sky. Peadar kept wicket with stoic determination which would prove crucial to the result.

Brian bowled with pace and accuracy, taking a wicket in the process with a deft slower ball. Dalkey finished on a very competitive score of 109 but an admirable effort by every Walnut in the field would transpire to be crucial by the end.

In reply the Dalkey opening bowlers bowled with pace and accuracy as the Walnuts made a circumspect start

But Liam struck an accomplished 22 while Gerry chipped in with 14 as the Walnuts kept in touch with the Dalkey score.

Needing 12 off the final two overs Colin and Eddie saw the Walnuts over the line with Colin finishing on 20 not out and hitting the winning runs off the last ball in a very exciting finish to a wonderful game played in great spirit and sportsmanship.

A special mention to our hosts the Dalkey Archives who gave us an admirable spread of Parma ham, sandwiches, red wine and their famous Pimms prepared by one of the nicest people you could ever meet, Simon Mills.

The match typified what cricket is all about,  especially Taverners cricket. Skill and energy were combined with sportsmanship and encouragement as the sport of cricket itself was the overall winner.

We look forward to welcoming Dalkey in a few weeks under the Walnut tree.

Dalkey Archives @ Blackrock College May 19th 2023

Walnuts Win under the Tree.