Fitzwilliam @ Terenure College June 23th 2023

Walnuts Win under the Tree.

Fitzwilliam brought some swashbuckling batting to Dublin 6W as they chased down the Walnuts impressive innings of 135 to claim victory.

Batting first the Walnut Taverners displayed some swashbuckle of their own with 20s from Brian, Gerry and debutant Jan hit a composed 19 - in the process the latter hit what Fitzwilliam's captain (Kevin) described as the shot of the day - a huge 6 straight over long on. Jan was run out by an expert piece of fielding from Kevin himself, throwing the ball to the bowlers end from the wicket keeper position.

Some mature batting from Eddie shepherded the tail and in doing so Sean hit a majestic 20 of his own. Paddy came in at number 11 and ran a quick single off the last ball to finish the Walnuts' innings.

135 seemed like a formidable score but Fitzwilliam expertly chased down the target with 2 overs to spare. Batting at 3, Captain Kevin hit a powerful 20 full of clean hitting. Indeed 5 of Fitzwilliam's top 6 hit not out 20s - an admirable performance and a tribute to their batting prowess. 

The redoubtable Gary got into his fluent groove and carried the famous tennis club up to the line. On debut Jan followed up his impressive batting with Impressive bowling to claim the Walnuts' sole wicket.  Gerry and Fitzy almost got the Walnuts back into the game with  accurate seam bowling but Fitzwilliam showed their batting class to claim the victory.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent in the club afterwards. Special thanks as always to Phillip for preparing the pitch, to Fitzy and John for the win and to Gerry and Colin for the gratefully accepted pizza and to Kevin of Fitzwilliam for the delicious cake

The spirit of cricket was alive and well both on and off the pitch as two sets of great friends enjoyed both the match itself and the pub afterwards.  Cricket ,friendship and conviviality were the winners on a glorious evening in Terenure.