We began with a challenge; getting a team together despite holidays, injuries & sickness, getting to the ground despite motorways delays and closures, to facing a strong Ashford side.
A big thank you, for overcoming this challenge, goes to North Kildare for supplying Ari, Ian, Kevin, Maturi and his sons Pranav & Krishna. 
Joining Trevor from Leinster to supplement Walnuts, Brian & the Devlin's.
Luckily, we had magnificent weather and conditions to play cricket at a great venue, against great hosts with a great following as Ari's and Maturi's extended families joined the Devlin's in cheering us on.
Now moving onto the cricket, the Walnuts made a stunning start with Devlin Jr and Maturi putting on an opening stand of 73, with Devlin retiring on 30 and Maturi out for 29. This was followed by a 33 from Ari. Sadly, there were not many runs to come as the Walnuts batted the full 30 overs to score 145.
Unfortunately, Ashford made light work of the chase with their openers and strong middle order making significant contributions. We were light on bowlers, but a special mention to Pranav and Krishna who bowled well, with the latter getting 1 of our 2 wickets. 
The after-match ceremony saw George from Ashford get their MOM and Ari the Walnuts MOM. Krishna, for his all-round efforts, also got a bottle of wine.
Signing off, it was a great day out and thanks again to the hosts and guest players for enabling the fixture to be played.

Ashford @ Oak Hill August 13th 2022