Firstly, as always, we would like to thank the Phoenix for a great game of cricket on a gorgeous Friday evening in Phoenix Park.  What a location to finish the season, and on the grass wicket too.   The format of the game was 15 eight ball overs.

The Walnuts fielded first - and what a start by the opening bowlers.   Sometimes the stats don't tell the whole story - and that certainly was the case with Colin's over.   3 balls on the trot took of the bails - and what would have been a fantastic hattrick , with what can only be described as beautiful bowling.   Unfortunately only one of these was to count - (the first ball free rule stripped the first and last one).  It was not in vain however as Colin received the MOM from the Phoenix captain.   Our fielding this year has been outstanding, and whilst it may not have been up to the standard we have set ourselves, it was still pretty slick on the beautifully manicured glass surface of the Phoenix Cricket Club outfield.   And then there was Josh.  We are running out of superlatives to describe the Saffer, but even those were not enough on Friday night.   A 5-fer in taverner cricket is unheard of, but 5 for 7 runs of 16 balls is almost unheard of in cricket in general (and 4 of those 7 was of 1 ball that just snuck through for a boundary.)   It would be remiss of us not to mention the captains inning behind the stumps which was again flawless and Brian marshalled the troops with aplomb.     The home side finished on 108 - and what we thought might be a tricky one to get.

That was until Brian and Patrick (Jr) opened the batting - and played beautiful cricket strokes - and an opening partnership of about 40 in relative quick time.   The runs slowed down for the next few overs, but the damage was done. Damian joined Patrick at the crease, with both eventually getting to their 20s with a few boundaries (one of which sprung back of the batters finger - thankfully there was a double sound or that could have been nastier).   Finally Josh and Liam took the game home with the former hitting yet another 20+ runs, which there is no doubt the latter would have got as well.   The South African finishing the game with a, by now standard, 6, and the game was won with a few overs to spare.   (A stark contrast to the last time we played in Phoenix). 

The record for the season finished on 7-4.   Congratulations to all involved.

5 Fer at Phoenix (and a hattrick of sorts).

Phoenix @ Phoenix Cricket Club September 3rd  2021