Trip to Nottingham 2011

Our trip to Nottingham to play against Toton and Beeston Sycamore CC coincided with the test match taking place between England and India at Trent Bridge. The Test match was a little more exciting than our own affair but fair play to Coxsy as he put up a remarkable 100 plus runs that got us close as to keep us in contention but it was not to be. The England v India on the other hand had Stuart Broad getting a hat trick and to see the great Sachin Tendulkar take his place at the wicket whilst he was on his 99th century in his quest for that astounding 100th century. What a superb day. It was not to be though. He was out for 30 odd runs and his 100th century did not happen until March 2012 against Bangladesh. Our Hosts were a jolly lot and very competitive. Their ground was in the local park in the suburbs of Nottingham on a mat. It had been a very very dry summer and the outfield was like concrete. That said it was a very pleasant day against nice people and we retired to a local pub to while away the night hours after the match.

The group who travelled were: Graham, Philip, Trevor, Mowldsy, David, Sean, George, Brian, Thomas, Coxsy, Dave Coyne, Robert Byrne.