Rathgar Ramblers @ The High School August 12th 2021

Walnuts Whipped at the High School

Firstly, as always, we would like to thank the Rathgar Ramblers for a fabulous game of cricket on a lovely Thursday evening (after what was looking like an apocolyptic afternoon) at The High School.   The format of the game was 20 overs of 6 balls. 

To be honest there is not much to report on this one.   Ramblers were much too good on the day, batting first and the top 3 getting their maximums.   There was some excellent bowling by Liam and Josh (the saffer again doing what the saffer does) early in the innings with both picking up wickets, and Andrew, Eddie and Cyril late on keeping the run rate in check.   (Frank taking a wicket in between).    Fielding was good when the Ramblers weren't finding the gaps.   Another couple of dropped catches (as is the rule on here we don't name name(s) - but you know who you are.  One was a dolly, the second though was harder and driven right back which the bowler decided to try and head.   Anyway, enough rambling - the Ramblers ended with 128 which on the track looked like doable chase.  

Unfortunately it wasn't to be - as the Walnuts fell behind on the run rate and were always chasing this game.   Sterling performances by the 2 MOMs as Josh and Liam again (as they did with the bowling) led from the front - both getting their maximums, with Patrick Devlin Jr the only other to get into double figures (apart from our friend Extras).  Walnuts fell shy of the target by 24 runs - but all in all a rather enjoyable evening with some lovely lads.   

Edit.   Apologies for the quality of the photographs below.