Leinster @ Rathimines May 5th 2023

An Ode to Leinster Vs Walnut Taverners
(by Colin Mehighan)

On a Friday Eve the Walnuts came to play

In Rathmines the rain stayed away

In the background the salsa music was slick

But after three hours It got on my wick!

In fairness it provided an inspiring noise

The Walnuts this time played with great poise

We started in the field and bowled with pace

And Leinster's batting was full of grace

Feargal and Trevor batted with skill

At times they made our bowlers feel quite ill

Colin hit the stumps with two fine throws

Sadly the batters were in, that's how it goes

Leinster smashed the ball - Paddy Senior with the stop

A Walnut stalwart - and a gentleman tip top

Eddie bowled with the sun at his back

He bamboozled the batters - and got zero flack

Niaz charged in and was full of verve

At this stage we were on the upward curve

Frank, Sean Mark, Garrett... boy they were class. Bowling with precision nothing was left to pass.

In reply we mustered a score

Peadar and Gerry with runs galore

Leather on willow the ball was hit

Our fielding this time wasn't even that shit!

Liam had a blinder with bat and ball

He put Leinster to the sword, he caused many fielder to fall

Gerry crushed the boundary with bat in hand

Eddie and Andrew with the winning stand!

Honourable mentions to everyone on the night

And we retired to the pub to the sound of salsa......boy what a sight!

The hips were moving and the music was thundering

It wasn't the cricketers in case you were wondering!

Men of the match went to Feargal, Eddie and Gerry

While the salsa dancers looked on - some even from Kerry!  

Thank you to our hosts as we sampled the beer

Bring on the next game - we will play with no fear

I believe we play Dalkey where all will seek fame

But sadly no salsa - god damn that's a shame

We excelled in the field....look.... at times we were ditzy

One man was missed....goes by the name....Fitzy

Walnuts Win under the Tree.