Parkmore @ Kenilworth Square  July 2nd 2021

Squeaker in the Square

As always we would like to thank Parkmore for hosting the game in Kenilworth Square, on a will it / won't it go ahead kind of week.    Thankfully it did - and we all had a blast in Kenilworth Square in a game that had everything - fathers vs sons, double agents, intrigue, death over heroics, cracking fielding, twists, turns,  the works.    The format of the game was the standard 20 overs of 6 balls. 

Parkmore batted first,  and, even though the bowling was very good the home side took the game to the Walnuts with both the openers retiring on their maximums.   Once they walked though the Walnuts turned the screw a little bit giving up very few runs with outstanding bowling from Josh, Eddie, Philip ( 1 wicket for peanuts), Frank (2 wickets including a caught and bowled) and particularly Ian (taking 2 wickets in 3 balls at the death.).    The Parkmore lads finished up on 97 (and we thought this was a catchable target on a pretty good mat).

That was until the Walnut openers stepped up and walked back almost immediately.   With the score on 3 wickets down for 3 runs it looked like a bloodbath with Parkmore twisting the knife. Philip started the revival though, and then Eddie and Josh stepped up (with the latter giving a pep talk that resontated with his batting partner (to paraphrase - "we need to build a partnership Eddie") and build one they did.   Both middleorder batsmen took the game to Parkmore as they ran up their 20s (with lovely strokeplay, a few boundaries, and it has to be said a smidgen of luck).   Frank continued the fightback,  and Cyril taking a quick single to put his batting partner on strike and to set up Colin's maiden boundary of the season to take the Walnuts to 98 and the day was won (with only a few balls remaining).

Record for the Walnuts is now 3-1.  Next up is a return home to play the formidible Dalkey Archives under the Walnut Tree in Terenure College.