Walnuts Lose to Leinster

Firstly, as always, we would like to thank Leinster Taverners for hosting the first game of the year on a gorgeous Friday evening in the paradise of the Leinster Cricket Club in Rathmines.   The format of the game was 15 overs of 8 balls. 

Walnuts won the toss and decided to bat, with Damian and Tom D opening.   The sun was shining, the mat was perfect, and the game was on. 

The going was tough throughout due to some excellent line, length and variation from the Leinster bowlers, starting with their quicks, and not letting up.  The openers plugged away, with Damian reaching his 20.   Tom was unfortunately bowled, playing on, on 11.  Josh got his 20 with the usual panache we have come to expect from the Saffer.  A huge thank you to Trevor Dunne for lining up for us against his home team, and his stylish 20, chipping away at the aforementioned excellent bowling.   A number of positives have to be drawn from the performance.  5 batters reaching double figures, with three of them retiring, however 113 was never going to be enough on the day.

And so it proved, when Leinster stood up.   There was nothing particularly wrong with the bowling - but Leinster had their eye in from the get go.   The figures above do not tell the whole story, but they tell us enough that the Walnuts were truly outclassed on the day.  This cannot and will not detract from the fun of the game, the delight of being back and the generous nature of our hosts.   

A special mention has to be made for Gerry Kinsella, our debutant, who had a great game, receiving the man of the match award from Eddie, the stand-in captain.    Very much deserved - his straight bat 4 of the first ever ball he has faced on a cricket pitch was a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately the Walnuts now have a three week break before the next game, against Malahide away.    Out of the frying pan into the fire as they say, but we will give it our all, as we always do.  

Leinster Taverners @ Rathmines April 29th 2022