Walnuts v Leinster Tavs 10/05/19: Venue Home, Terenure College

Walnuts latest. Firstly, as always, thanks to the Leinster Tavs for the game at Terenure College, and to Philip for a wonderful track on what was a wet Friday afternoon before the game. A mostly enjoyable game in what turned out to be a pleasantly warm evening in Terenure, with a few gripes, controversies and at least one potential grudge lol.

The game, and after the toss Leinster batted first, starting relatively slowly, but building an inning total of 99 before the end. Lovely bowling from Mike and Brian who opened for the Walnuts. This continued with Philip who continued his great start with a lovely clean bowled, and Damian (who gave up the first boundary of the game) with the cat like Paddy B behind the stumps taking his first of his 2 run outs (the 2nd later in the inning earning him POTM from our captain Tom D) during Damians tenure. Another good outing from new boy Dave and a wicket later by Paddy Devlin (senior) and the Leinster inning was complete leaving a clean 100 as the target and the chase was on.

It was agreed before the game that some of the Leinster lads would be allowed to bowl 3 overs as they didn't have enough bowlers (a decision in hindsight was very strange but anyway) and this led to the controversy at the end of the inning.   
Mike and Brian opened the batting with both batting well but some lovely lovely bowling by the Leinster player (Mr. Bisht?) ended Brian's involvement on 11 Sean was unfortunately run out chasing 2 (potential gripe number one) , and then the potential gripe number 2. With Mike on 19, and Damian batting a complete mix up and Mike was run out while at the strikers end beside his batting partner. Run was on but wasn't taken. Sincerest apologies Mike. Tom and Philip both reached their 20s (2 maximums in a row for Philip), but that was the last runs of note. It was here that the controversy and gripe number 3 came up, with Mr Bisht being allowed his 3rd over which was out of order for in my opinion, if you are allowed bowlers to bowl 3 you don't send in your star man but unfortunately this is what happened and the Walnuts came up short by 8 runs on 91. Rant over, line drawn,  and a highly enjoyable game was had and it was back to the club for sandwiches and cocktail sausages, courtesy of Cyril (Mary) and Tom D, and the POTM presentations. Roll on Evening Herald next week at home again. 

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Walnuts v Arthurs Knights 03/05/19: Venue Home, Terenure College

Walnuts update: Firstly thanks to Arthurs Knights for a fabulous game on a freezing cold but dry Friday evening. The first game of the season and the crease was as immaculate as it could be thanks to the groundskeeping of Philip. In Tom D's inaugural game as captain the Walnuts bowled first and couldn't have gotten of to a better start with the tardy scouser Liam taking the first over and dispatching both the Knights openers. There were other notable bowlers with Patrick Devlin (junior) and new boy Dave taking 2 wickets as well, and Philip taking one (along with a lovely catch.) with Mr. Devlin taking the POTM award from the opposition captain and Dave getting the nod from captain Tom.   Other notable instances were a fabulous catch by Tom D and a run out by Paddy B (who also had an excellent game behind the stumps).  The Knights were limited to 79 and it was a target we felt we could achieve.

With the bat Patrick Devlin delivered again, hitting his maximum with 3 boundaries and a few quick singles. Philip also scored his maximum (21) with a mixture of lovely batting, a few quick singles (not bad for a new retiree) and to be fair a good bit of luck, being dropped twice. One in particular was by Willie Barr who had Philip walking to the tree as we all thought he was out including the 2 umpires but in beautiful taverner style (and I am led to believe in true Arthur's form) admitted that the ball touched the ground, which earned Willie a lot of respect but more importantly the bottle of wine for the opposition potm from captain Tom.  The Walnuts got over the line with a lovely boundary from Dave, and it was back to Lakelands for a cozy drink and a few sandwiches , provided by Paddy B and Damian.


Those who can, play, those who can't play, teach, and those who can't teach, report.

Walnuts v Evening Herald 17/05/19: Venue Home, Terenure College

Walnuts update. Firstly thanks to the Evening Herald for the game on a pleasant Friday evening in Terenure. And thanks to Philip, the track was fab.

So that was the game that was. Not much to report really to be honest on this one, Evening Herald batted first. The Walnuts only picked up 2 wickets an inning that was somewhat lethargic maybe, another 3 dropped catches, and some fielding errors could have potentially cost us the game. The pick of the bowlers - well interestingly enough is it the wicket takers (Eddie with 1 for 16 in his 2 overs, or my man of the match Cyril with 1 for 15 in his 2), or Liam with some beautiful bowling giving 0 for 4, or Brian with 0 for 6? The Evening Herald posted an impressive 112 - (while giving everyone a bat - some retiring on 8 or so.)

On to the batting, and what a start for the Aussie Mitch - hitting a 6 of the first ball and getting to 16 in a flash with a couple of boundaries, before getting caught in two minds and skying one which was caught. It was also a glorious inning for Brian - who followed suit with a 6 and a 4 before being brilliantly caught on 18, with a ball that looked destined for a six. The 2 openers gave the Walnuts a boost that was needed and (along with a 20 from MOTM Peadar), even though there was a dip in the run rate (you can't maintain that over 20 overs), there was plenty on the board for the Walnuts to win with a couple of overs to spare. A lovely highscoring cameo by Dave Sheridan finished the game of with 3 fours in the 18th over.

My own performance, thought I did okish in the field - got a knock on the foot early doors but was able to walk it off, also thought I did better at long on as opposed to silly mid. Bowling only gave up 7 runs and personally for the 2nd week in a row I thought I was unlucky not to get a wicket. Teja the practice I do think is paying off. Was disappointed not to get a bat but for the greater good and all that. All in all a lovely evening was had with friends, and the Evening Herald lads were a very nice bunch.

This unfortunately will be my last game for 3 weeks, but I hope someone will write the reports for me.

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