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Looking for a local cricket club? We love this game and would love to have you come and join us.

The Walnuts are a mixed group of talented (and not so talented) ex-cricketers and first timers alike.  Most members are from a Rugby playing background rooted in local school rivalries. The age of our Players range from 18 to over 70 years. Grandsons have played with Grandfathers with little or no resulting arguments. Like all good Taverners we pride ourselves  in our ability to "Talk a good game" without feeling compelled to actually play a good one.

Above all.  WE LOVE CRICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!



         Head Honchos

President 2020

David Mowlds

Latest News:

Winter Nets have been announced -

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The 2020 Tour of Southampton and The Isle of Wight has been decided upon and is being organised by our esteemed captain Brian. 

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Captain 2020

Brian Goold

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